Monday, 29 July 2013


Relaxation strategies can be extremely helpful and useful. Relaxation can help you to better manage stress, tension and anxiety, help you perform better at work and remain calmer in any situation. It can be used at work or at home, on the bus or while you are standing in a queue.

This method of relaxation is usually referred to as controlled breathing. It is most effective in reducing anxiety and helps you to keep calm. It is quick and easy to use anywhere and anytime. Make yourself comfortable and then breathe slowly and evenly. Quietly say to yourself ‘in’ when you breathe in, and ‘relax’ when you breathe out. Repeat this over and over again. Focus as much as you can on these two simple words. Imagine that with every breath out, each time you say relax, you are becoming more and more clam and relax. If you get distracted or if your thoughts wander, refocius as often as you need to. Don’t forget practice is the key.

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