Monday, 29 July 2013


   An intelligent man should restrain his speech and his mind. “When we are aware that thoughts have distracted us, we return again. At first we may notice cretin restlessness, but after some minutes the mind will settle down to a quieter level, and then become deeper and more silent, “merged into nothingness.”   
There is a power in silence that has been stressed again and again. as we sit in innocent silent reflection trying of free ourselves from the worldly attachments your mind wanders, flies off at a tangent, responding to some inner or outer impulse of our physical, animal aspect. We should not concern ourselves with these thoughts, or blame our mind for waywardness, but let go, consuming those thoughts with the mention of God. “Observe silence and refrain from idle talk, “Baha ‘u’llah reminds us. Likewise, the kena Upanishad says:

Rapt in silence we achieve transcendence, the level of purity where no other thing dwells but the holy spirit. It is a purification of the whole human system, when both body and mind are cleansed and repose in undisturbed tranquility. Baha’u’llah describes this as “ the plane of the self which is well pleasing unto God” and quotes a mystic : “ Oh, thou soul which art at rest, return to thy lord, well-pleased, and pleasing Him…. Enter thou may paradise.” The Power of silence to link up to the Divine is a power of integration that can help up in our collective life. We human being are richly endowed with a “capacity with the other.” Baha’u’llah tells us to be even as one soul from inmost being. If we heed this counsel we could be aware that only in deep silence are we thus attuned. While we speak, our differences are clearly manifest, but when we are joined together in stillness our minds will be knit to that most great concern and there empowered for accomplishing greater things.

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